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Weekly Highlights ~ m3w5y17

Weekly Highlights ~ m3w5y17

Highlights from the week of March 24-30, 2017:

  1. Being able to stay home when our entire house was sick with Influenza B
  2. Having a friend drop off chicken soup
  3. Feeling better
  4. Reading three books while I was home sick: News of the World, Pictures of You and Between Sisters
  5. We finally bought a new TV after going months without (to be delivered this weekend)
  6. Working with a new delivery system to teach reading 
  7. Buying a new domain name with seamless transfer of old content
  8. Updating this blog (still working on a new look)
  9. Finding a new group of wonderful blogging ladies (Thanks to The Peaceful Posse)
  10. Free food with restaurant loyalty apps (free burger at Smashburger!)
  11. Discovering Big Little Lies.  I loved the book, loving the series so far (I’m on Ep 2)
  12. Making it through the last week of work before spring break starts!
My Babies Are Growing Up Too Fast

My Babies Are Growing Up Too Fast

I know it’s cliche’ when you hear someone tell you that “It goes way too fast” when you’re raising kids, but its sooooo true.  When my oldest son was born, I cried every day for six weeks because I wanted him to stay a newborn baby forever.  I seriously did not want him to get bigger.  Anytime someone would tell me that it goes so fast, I would burst into tears at the thought of it.  But then he started smiling, and learned to sit up, and then he was walking! Right before my eyes.  It’s incredible how quickly and how much little humans learn to do in such a short time.  They can be incredibly frustrating to deal with too 😉 lol.  At times I have found myself wishing us all ahead to the next stage. I say things like, “I can’t wait until Bretton can ______” “I can’t wait until Bashy can ______”.  Each stage is fun and has its own set of challenges but  I often have to remind myself to enjoy each moment while it lasts.  Even complete strangers who observe our family out in public will say things to us like, “These are the Wonder Years, you will miss this someday” or “It seems like just yesterday we were in your shoes and now we look forward to when they come home from college on weekends”.  They say these things with both a twinkle and a tear in their eyes.  I’m totally starting to get it.

Bretton is about to turn 4 in a few weeks and Bashy is 2 1/2.  My sweet babes are indeed growing up so I cherish all the snuggles that I can get.  I love watching how peaceful and little they still seem when they’re sleeping. It’s quiet moments like these that give me a moment to reflect 😉

Will they ever know just how much I truly love them? Again, I am so thankful that I’ve had the foresight to videotape so many moments of their lives (Bretton’s First Year, Bretton’s Second Year, Bashy’s First Year, A Year with Dash & Bash).  I cherish these videos so much!

March Lately

March Lately

I’m very late to the game with posting this but my mantra (especially with this blog) has always been “better late than never”.  I saw this on Kim’s blog who got it from Divya at Eat Teach Blog

Reading Lately.  The only good thing about being sick last week was it gave me some time to read.  None of these books were screaming “read me, now!” but I needed to find something available to download immediately.  That’s one drawback to borrowing eBooks from your local library

Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight – I’m currently reading this now.  Somewhat suspenseful but nothing too wild.  Not necessarily a page turner and I’m roughly 20% in.

Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah– This book was extremely predictable. It would’ve taken me months to read this if I hadn’t been laid up, sick.

Pictures of You by Barbara Delinsky– I didn’t realize this was a romance until after I started reading it.  Nothing too hot and steamy, unfortunately!

News of the World by Paulette Jiles– I enjoyed this more than the others, it was historical fiction.  Nothing earth-shattering though.

Watching Lately.  After spending months watching Gilmore Girls every morning before work, I finished the series.  Against my better judgment and with many recommendations I started watching Shameless.  Ugg.  This family is a shit-show.  It’s almost unbelievable.  I’m half way through the third season but I desperately need something more upbeat.  What do you recommend? I also LOVE This is Us.  Who doesn’t??

I also LOVE This is Us.  Who doesn’t?? But now it’s over for the season. Another fave this season was Younger on TV Land.

Playing Lately– While I love playing games and solving puzzles, etc, I just don’t have much time for it.  I have, however, decided to start playing Weffriddles again.  I’ve already gotten through the first batch of 29 puzzles but I’ve lost my motivation to keep going at the moment.  If you like brain teasers or solving riddles, puzzles, you should check out Weffriddles.  The puzzles were created over ten years ago and have not been updated, but don’t let that stop ya.

Eating Lately– Hmm.  I have not eaten anything especially exciting lately.  No one in my household has had much of an appetite and when the kids are cranky I don’t want to take them anywhere.  I used to have a pretty sweet job going to new restaurants all the time and writing up reviews but those days are over.  Hopefully someday I will make it a priority to get the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog back up and running.

Drinking Lately– C’mon now.  I am all about my Plexus Pink Drink.  It keeps my sugar cravings at bay and has helped reduce my ridiculous appetite. And I can make it through my day without coffee or soda!!!! Another thing I love about it is the fact that I used to suffer from bad headaches but they have completely disappeared since I started drinking this all-natural good-for-you drink.  Plus it tastes good!

Craving Lately– Spicy and zesty stuff.  I’m currently craving a spicy gyro from Dino’s Mediterranean.  The spicy feta on it is awesome.  I’m also craving a burrito from Pineda Tacos and authentic Chicago-Style deep dish pizza.  Bummed we aren’t going to Chicago for Spring Break this year.  It has been a tradition to go and eat our way around Chicago. Oh Pequod’s, I will dream of you.


Blog, Interrupted!

Blog, Interrupted!

You guys! Just when I was about to make my grand bloggin’ comeback after joining the amazing Peaceful Posse of bloggers, my 3yo got sick.  Like puking-in-the-middle-of -the-night kind of sick last Tuesday.  That’s how it started, anyway. I was supposed to work 13 hrs last Wednesday and again on Thursday, but staying home to take care of the kids was a bigger priority.  When you’re sick (at least when you were little), don’t you just want your mama? I actually have a very strong immune system and hadn’t been sick in over a year (thank you, Plexus!), but I also got hit with it and was down for the count for a few days.  It hit me as pure exhaustion, probably from getting roughly 26 hrs of sleep every week, week after week.  Oh, and said three-year-old sleeping with me and breathing in my face all night- getting coughed and sneezed on. I was so tired for a few days, I can’t remember when I have slept so much.  Like 12 hrs a day including naps.  And I never nap! It’s been years, no lie.  Oh, and I had a killer sore throat.  I thought it was strep but it turns out we all had Influenza B.  Tested and certified.  It wasn’t fun.    My poor babes had very high fever, deep chest congestion and body aches all over.  It makes you feel really helpless. Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.  Forgive me?! lol. I did read threee books, however.  I’ll tell you about ’em in another post.

So enough about the sickness.  I need to give my blog a makeover.  In the past 12 years I have probably had 137 different banners and color schemes going on this blog.  The power of Photoshop is amazing, right? I like to keep things new and fresh.  Unfortunately, I no longer have Photoshop and lack of blogging over past couple of years has left me stuck with this same banner for waaaaaaaaay too long.  I need to do something about that, and pronto. Any ideas of how I can do a cool banner without Photoshop?? Help a sista out.  Thanks 😉

Hopefully everyone is doing well!! Have a beautiful day

Sunrise over White Bear Lake 3-28-17

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A Movie of Our Florida Family Vacation 2017

A Movie of Our Florida Family Vacation 2017

I made this video a couple weeks ago and already forgot to post it here! We had a great time visiting my parents in Bonita Springs, (Halfway between Fort Myers and Naples on the Gulf Coast).  It is so beautiful there and we had nice weather for the five days we were there.

I shot all of these clips on my iPhone while we were out adventuring.  We took a harbor cruise down in Naples and saw dolphins and multi-million dollar homes, we went to the beach two different days, took the kids to the splash park, swam in the neighborhood pool and ate a lot of good food! Here is a video that highlights our trip.

Have I forgotten how to Blog?

Have I forgotten how to Blog?

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining brightly in my neck of the woods, how about you?

I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment but I’m honestly pretty tired and I have a very long work-week ahead of me with back-to-back parent-teacher conferences after work the next two nights.  26 hrs in two days isn’t my cup of tea but lord, am I thankful for my job.  I won’t complain.  Budget cuts are looming and with such drastic cuts to education on top of expected shortfall, I’m going to be lucky to keep my position next year at this school I love.  I feel at peace right now that whatever is meant to be will happen.

I titled this post “Have I forgotten how to blog”…..  I’ve been at this whole blogging thing officially since 2005 and I had a personal website before this that I started in 2000.  I was great about posting here 4-5x/week for YEARS and then Facebook came along.  And then I had kids.  And lack of support to blog on the homefront.  I was asked to keep a password on this blog when I was pregnant with my first-born (4 years ago) and I lost all my readers.  The motivation to blog just wasn’t there anymore.  I’ve tried making a blog comeback from time to time but the hours in the day are tight with my day-job, my side business, and raising a 2 & 3yo.  I sleep no more than 5 hrs a night as is. I’m full of excuses! lol.  I don’t think I have forgotten how to blog…. I actually think of things to post about all the time, and compose status updates in my head throughout the day.  I post maybe 10% of them.  LOl.  Does anyone else do this?

This morning my bestie Kim invited me to get back on the blogging wagon with her and I happily accepted an invite to a new group on FB.  A community of women bloggers who support and encourage each other.  (hello ladies if any of you are new and checking in!).  I’m super excited about it and look forward to meeting new people and getting back into the groove with my blog posts.  We are keeping each other accountable! And no worries…. I will not be selling out to sponsors.  That crap is annoying.  You will, however, likely hear me sing the praises of essential oils and Plexus.  And post a ton of pics of my kids and our adventures.  And book reviews, etc.  I’d also love to get back into the Thoughts for Thursdays to get some interaction going.

So, here we go!! 

A Day Full of Surprises

A Day Full of Surprises

Fridays are tough days for a teacher to be out sick….. we are often short guest teachers to cover classes.  Today our district was short 60 substitutes.  Each school has to have a plan in place in case they don’t have someone to cover a classroom teacher.  When that happens at my school, I am often the one who gets called to fill in.  That being said, all day today I had the pleasure of covering the 4th grade class of a dear friend at work who has been really sick this week. I’ve known most of her students since kindergarten and have a good relationship with them. It was a fun day! We made Cubism portraits this afternoon (guess which is mine?!) and wrote poetry.

This poem titled “Ms Sauer” by one of the kids had me 😂😂 “sweet like a purple plum”( I mean I am kinda round and I wear purple a lot?! Lol) “kind like an angel but mean like a lion”? Wth?! 😂😂 They’ve got me. Lol. Kids

Later when Walking the kids out to the bus after a good day and there waiting to surprise me was a dear former student ( now 9th grade) that I have known since she was in kindergarten. She visits me a couple of times a year, but it is always a surprise when she will come.  I love her surprise visits so much!! We spent a long time catching up and reminiscing. These relationships make a difference and I always strive to be a teacher they look up to and remember 🙂

Oh, and because it is St Patrick’s Day I need to share a pic of my littlest Leprechaun

Weekly Highlights ~ m3w3y17

Weekly Highlights ~ m3w3y17

Highlights from the week of March 10-16th, 2017:

  1. Free shipping all weekend with Plexus!
  2. Helping a couple more friends while growing customers
  3. Lunch date with an old friend from college
  4. Video chats with Bradie
  5. Team meetings
  6. Homemade dinners
  7. Birds chirping that spring is near!
  8. Online events
  9. Reaching out 
  10. Starting on the Weffriddles puzzles again after a ten-year hiatus
  11. Snapchat selfies
  12. Catching up with Denise
Weekly Highlights m3w2y17

Weekly Highlights m3w2y17

I skipped my highlights last week and I feel guilty about it!!

Highlights from the week of March 3-March 9, 2017

  1. Registering Bretton for Pre-K
  2. Having hope despite a bleak budget situation
  3. Pizza at Cossettas
  4. Selling the Lexus quickly
  5. Catching up with Noemy
  6. Helping yet another friend with Plexus
  7. Prime rib and scallops at home
  8. Getting my new schedule and groups finalized to start next Monday!
  9. Getting assessments and materials ready for new group
  10. Facetime nightly brainstorm sessions with Bradie
Sick of being Sick??

Sick of being Sick??

Cough, sniffle, achew, puuuuuke!!!

You’re sick again….. this has been a terrible season for sickness and you can’t afford to miss another day of work.  I hear you.  It’s no fun being sick or taking care of sick kids.  Who has the time for that? Not me!!

Fortunately, I have not been sick in over a year now.  I would like to point the finger to my probiotic for keeping my immune system in tip-top shape.

There have been a couple of times this winter when I started to feel it coming on.  You know what I did to combat it? Take a double-dose of my ProBio5 before bed and I’ve woken up the next day feeling normal again.  I’d probably be just fine with the normal dose but I’m not taking any chances so I’ve continued to take an increased dose every night. And Guess what? The crud just hasn’t been able to take hold of me! And I am an elementary teacher! Little kids are the germiest beings out there, are they not?! lol

If you’re sick of being sick or just plain ol’ want to avoid sickness altogether, you need to start taking a probiotic every single day.  Your kids and even your dog too!  Boosted immunity is just one benefit of a healthy gut, there are many other things a good probiotic will help you with as well.  I especially recommend taking it if you have to take an antibiotic for any reason it’ll help combat the ickiness associated with that.

As always, I am here to help! All you have to do is reach out…

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