A Day Full of Surprises

A Day Full of Surprises

Fridays are tough days for a teacher to be out sick….. we are often short guest teachers to cover classes.  Today our district was short 60 substitutes.  Each school has to have a plan in place in case they don’t have someone to cover a classroom teacher.  When that happens at my school, I am often the one who gets called to fill in.  That being said, all day today I had the pleasure of covering the 4th grade class of a dear friend at work who has been really sick this week. I’ve known most of her students since kindergarten and have a good relationship with them. It was a fun day! We made Cubism portraits this afternoon (guess which is mine?!) and wrote poetry.

This poem titled “Ms Sauer” by one of the kids had me 😂😂 “sweet like a purple plum”( I mean I am kinda round and I wear purple a lot?! Lol) “kind like an angel but mean like a lion”? Wth?! 😂😂 They’ve got me. Lol. Kids

Later when Walking the kids out to the bus after a good day and there waiting to surprise me was a dear former student ( now 9th grade) that I have known since she was in kindergarten. She visits me a couple of times a year, but it is always a surprise when she will come.  I love her surprise visits so much!! We spent a long time catching up and reminiscing. These relationships make a difference and I always strive to be a teacher they look up to and remember 🙂

Oh, and because it is St Patrick’s Day I need to share a pic of my littlest Leprechaun

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