March Lately

March Lately

I’m very late to the game with posting this but my mantra (especially with this blog) has always been “better late than never”.  I saw this on Kim’s blog who got it from Divya at Eat Teach Blog

Reading Lately.  The only good thing about being sick last week was it gave me some time to read.  None of these books were screaming “read me, now!” but I needed to find something available to download immediately.  That’s one drawback to borrowing eBooks from your local library

Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight – I’m currently reading this now.  Somewhat suspenseful but nothing too wild.  Not necessarily a page turner and I’m roughly 20% in.

Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah– This book was extremely predictable. It would’ve taken me months to read this if I hadn’t been laid up, sick.

Pictures of You by Barbara Delinsky– I didn’t realize this was a romance until after I started reading it.  Nothing too hot and steamy, unfortunately!

News of the World by Paulette Jiles– I enjoyed this more than the others, it was historical fiction.  Nothing earth-shattering though.

Watching Lately.  After spending months watching Gilmore Girls every morning before work, I finished the series.  Against my better judgment and with many recommendations I started watching Shameless.  Ugg.  This family is a shit-show.  It’s almost unbelievable.  I’m half way through the third season but I desperately need something more upbeat.  What do you recommend? I also LOVE This is Us.  Who doesn’t??

I also LOVE This is Us.  Who doesn’t?? But now it’s over for the season. Another fave this season was Younger on TV Land.

Playing Lately– While I love playing games and solving puzzles, etc, I just don’t have much time for it.  I have, however, decided to start playing Weffriddles again.  I’ve already gotten through the first batch of 29 puzzles but I’ve lost my motivation to keep going at the moment.  If you like brain teasers or solving riddles, puzzles, you should check out Weffriddles.  The puzzles were created over ten years ago and have not been updated, but don’t let that stop ya.

Eating Lately– Hmm.  I have not eaten anything especially exciting lately.  No one in my household has had much of an appetite and when the kids are cranky I don’t want to take them anywhere.  I used to have a pretty sweet job going to new restaurants all the time and writing up reviews but those days are over.  Hopefully someday I will make it a priority to get the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog back up and running.

Drinking Lately– C’mon now.  I am all about my Plexus Pink Drink.  It keeps my sugar cravings at bay and has helped reduce my ridiculous appetite. And I can make it through my day without coffee or soda!!!! Another thing I love about it is the fact that I used to suffer from bad headaches but they have completely disappeared since I started drinking this all-natural good-for-you drink.  Plus it tastes good!

Craving Lately– Spicy and zesty stuff.  I’m currently craving a spicy gyro from Dino’s Mediterranean.  The spicy feta on it is awesome.  I’m also craving a burrito from Pineda Tacos and authentic Chicago-Style deep dish pizza.  Bummed we aren’t going to Chicago for Spring Break this year.  It has been a tradition to go and eat our way around Chicago. Oh Pequod’s, I will dream of you.


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  1. I have to admit I love Shameless, they are a shit show, but it makes me feel better about my own life, lol! But it does get heavy sometimes! We’ve been watching The Office, Parks and Rec and It’s Always Sunny on Netflix right now.

  2. I love these posts!
    I have yet to watch This is Us – unfortunately here in Germany it hasn’t been on TV but I hope it will be on Netflix someday!

  3. I have yet to watch This is Us. I will have to binge watch it when I feel my heart can handle it. Everyone says they cry every episode but that its so good. Shameless now, is my jam. They make my family look like angels! LOL I have been sucked into fluff books. The only book I have checked out right now is a cook book. lol

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