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Day: April 1, 2017

Enjoying the Beautiful Spring Weather

Enjoying the Beautiful Spring Weather

Today was the first day of my Spring Break and we lucked out with a beautiful, sunny and 65′ day. After a quick lunch, we took the boys on a drive through Hugo and Scandia, and a trip around Big Marine.

A map of Big Marine Lake in Washington County

We stopped at the public access at the southern end of the lake and let the dog run around, he loved the water! We will have fun bringing him on these trips with us all summer long.


A young boy stands with his Bulldog by the beach
We found a new park we’ve never been to before a little while later; Shields Lake Park.   It is a smaller, mostly uninhabited lake and it has a nice public dock.  Other than that it is very small and very basic with just a single table and single bench.  The kids and the dog enjoyed it!

a young boy at the lake
Enjoying springtime!

Bring on more sunny days and scenic adventures! That’s how we roll 😉