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Day: April 5, 2017

Hiking Around, looking for Mushrooms

Hiking Around, looking for Mushrooms

I’m a Wannabe Mushroom Forager, and why not?!  We are out exploring nature so often anyway and we love eating different kinds of mushrooms, it only makes sense. Where to start? There are hundreds of mushrooms and many of them are extremely poisonous. Yikes, I better learn how to identify them! Lol.

This week is my Spring Break so I’m home with the family all week. Yesterday seemed like a good day for a drive and to get close to nature. First we stopped at Barnes & Noble at Maplewood Mall and bought these gems for 25% off during Educator Appreciation Week. Score!

Mushroom guidebooks

We were not on a serious mission to find mushrooms yesterday; but we did explore a few parks along the St Croix and did a little hiking with the boys.

We have had some rain this spring but the ground is mostly dry.  I think we need more rain and a soggy ground to get real good mushrooms but we did find some specimens.

I have yet to identify these, not sure if they’re mushrooms or lichens.  I still have so much to learn!

The boys had enough hiking after 20 minutes so I ended up carrying (or dragging?! lol) Bashy on the return hike back to the car. lol.  They’ll get used to the hiking soon enough. We all just need to build our stamina. Ha!