Adventure After Adventure During Spring Break

Adventure After Adventure During Spring Break

Is the title catchy enough?! I’m probably being a little misleading in what is termed as an “adventure”, but for my little family, adventure means getting out of the house on a day off and going on a scenic drive, destination unknown.  We didn’t spend much time at home at all during the day last week while I was off of work.  The kids are normally stuck at home with Daddy while I am at work, so we all enjoy the times we get out to do something different.  We love looking at homes on the water and stopping at various parks to let the kids and dog play.  The boys nap in the car a lot of the time as well 😉

We went on so many drives to so many different places that I need to look back at my phone and the photos I took (thank you, location stamp and map!)

Here is a recap.  I think I am going to blog about each one individually because I have many photos to include 😉

Saturday April 1st- Drive around Big Marine, visit to Marine on St Croix, Scandia

Tuesday April 4th- Mushroom hunting  along parts of the St Croix River

Thursday April 6th- Drive south along Mississippi River through Inver Grove (Pine Bend Bluffs, Spring Park, etc)

Friday April 7th- Drive down Hwy 13 with stops at Terrace Oaks Park West in Burnsville, and then we headed west and ended up in New Prague.  We spent time at Cedar Lake Farm Park in Helena and then went to the Fishtale Grill in New Prague for dinner.  I had a southwest chicken penne that was sooooo good! It was a huge portion of penne tossed in a spicy cream sauce and topped with grilled chicken, sauteed mushrooms and bell peppers, and caramelized onions.

Cedar Lake Farm

Saturday April 8th- Drive through Hastings and to Red Wing and around Lake Pepin.  Stopped near Maiden Rock to travel the “Rustic Road”.  Final stop of the day was at Smokin’ Oak.  Fajitas for me! Apparently, I didn’t take a single scenic photo that day but I got a few of my soon-to-be-4-year-old!

It was a fun week!

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  1. Some of my favorite adventures start off in exactly the same way–jump in the car without a set plan and go where the day and the breeze takes me 🙂 love seeing your photographs–you are creating beautiful memories for your family <3

  2. You and Erick always did drives and adventures. I am happy to see you are continuing this tradition with the boys. Miss you. Love you!!

  3. That sounds like a fun way to spend spring break! I hope to have adventures like that this summer where we just jump in the car and see where we end up!

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