Big Little Lies (No Spoilers!)

Big Little Lies (No Spoilers!)

Have any of you watched this mini-series yet?? I just finished watching it this morning so it’s at the top of my mind on this fine Tuesday morn’. No worries, no spoilers here!
The best new show on HBO is Big Little Lies with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon

 I read the book Big Little Lies about a year ago and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I thought the series was done very well and stayed pretty true to the book from what I remember but of course some things were added and some things were taken out.  I actually think the story is easier to follow on the show.  The first season is seven 50-60-min episodes, and ends at the same place it ended in the book.  I thought this was just a mini-series but the author of the book, Liane Moriarty, has confirmed she is writing a 2nd season that will fill in a lot of the questions we have about the background of the characters.

cover for the book big little lies by liane moriarty

Have you watched or read it? Who are your favorite characters?

8 thoughts on “Big Little Lies (No Spoilers!)

  1. I haven’t read or watched it, but they’ve been talking about it on the radio a ton lately (I listen to My Talk, I’m a fluff-o-holic I guess!) and I really want to watch it now! They’re talking about Emmy winning performances and it just sounds so good! I will have to see if I can convince the husband soon!

  2. I haven’t watched it yet, but definitely enjoyed the book! I like books that tend to suck me in because there are so many distractions in our external environment. So when a book pulls me in like that, you know it’s a good one! 😉

  3. I haven’t even heard of it. Where are you watching it? I just started 13 reason why. Holy shit! 6 episodes in and can’t wait to finish it.

  4. Like you, I read the book about a year ago and absolutely ADORED the mini-series! I’d actually forgotten the ending- oops! I thought the casting was perfection, it stayed mostly true to the book, and even found the music to be so fitting. Of course some scenes were hard to watch (and seriously, I’ve seen more of Nicole Kidman than necessary!), but overall I really enjoyed it. So psyched to hear that there will be a second season!

  5. I have not read the book but I have been watching the series. I really love it. I can’t wait to read the book now. I was wondering about what would happen when the series was over. So that’s good to know there will be a second season!

  6. I’ve watched it and I LOVED it! I think it was cast perfectly and all of the acting performances were just amazing.

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