A Busy & Fun Easter Weekend

A Busy & Fun Easter Weekend

Now that I am blogging regularly again, I want to post about things going on while they are still fresh in my memory (instead of months later). I hope everyone had a nice weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or Passover.

We had a very busy, action-packed weekend and I want to recap it all here.

I had the day off on Good Friday.  Well actually, I should say that it was a professional development day for teachers in my district, no school for the kids.  My school opted to put our hours in over the course of the year so we could have Friday off.  I am so glad we did!! It was a really nice afternoon; the sun came out and the weather warmed up.  Our friend Rich (who lives like 40 miles away), also had the day off so he brought his boys up to our neck of the woods.  We met at the park and let the boys run around, swing, climb, dig, etc for about an hour.  After the park we all went back to our house where we continued to hang out, let the boys ride on Dash’s “4-wheeler” (as he calls it), and then we ordered Chicago deep-dish style pizza from Pezzo.  Best Chicago pizza in the Twin Cities!

Little boys driving and riding in the dune buggy power wheels

On Saturday afternoon we drove out to East Bethel to celebrate with a family of good friends.  The adults got to hang out and the kids got to hunt for Easter eggs.  Bash and Dash had never done an egg hunt before! Here they are checking out their stash of eggs!

Little boys looking at basket full of easter eggs

They also each got an easter basket full of goodies like these musical instruments NOISE MAKERS. Ay carumba! Now they think they’re each the next Mozart, blowing on these god-forsaken things for 15 hours a day. LOL.  These might be the first toys I’d gladly let the dog chew on and destroy!! Hahaha

One of the gifts in that basket were these eggs that you put in water and they hatch the next day! The first set of eggs didn’t fair well after Dash started smashing them on the counter to get them to crack.  He didn’t realize how they were supposed to work and I didn’t catch him until it was too late!!! Good thing we had two sets so we could try again.  We put one egg in water late Saturday night and on Sunday we woke up to a dinosaur hatching.  Dash was mesmerized!!!

The Easter Bunny also came to our house Sunday morning and Dash was out of bed hours earlier than usual.  He proceeded to find both baskets sinch Bashy was still sound asleep.  Books, candy, trucks, tattoos, pencils, etc. Here is Bash checking out some of his new stuff

Later Sunday morning we went to my brother Brian’s house for Easter brunch with Michelle’s family.  We’ve been doing a variation of this for years! We had a nice spread followed by another Easter Egg hunt.  I didn’t take many pictures of the event because I was trying to help Bashy find all his eggs.  We also brought my nephew a present since we missed his party in March.

My nieces and nephew.  They are all getting so grown up! Ages 11, 10, and 9

Here Bretton takes a break

Michelle was taking pictures and I guess Bash decided to be camera shy! LOL

So much fun all weekend and this wasn’t even the last of it!!! Our beloved neighbors are temporarily back at their Hugo house (they’ve been living somewhere else the past year) as they pack up the last of their belongings before their house is officially sold this coming Friday.  They invited us over for one last hurrah.  Smoked turkey, rice and salads.  It was low-key and nice to spend time with them.  The boys will greatly miss Uncle Darrell and Aunt Denise but we know we will still see them 🙂 More easter candy and goodies.

When we returned home on Sunday, our dog was acting very sick.  I was concerned maybe he had gotten into something he shouldn’t have (candy, toys), but there was no evidence of that and he was in the kennel all day.  It seemed to be short-lived though, thank God.  I was so worried, it made me realize that he has grown on me more than I thought 😉 

Whew! Busy but fun.  Now on to a great week ahead!


8 thoughts on “A Busy & Fun Easter Weekend

  1. Awww, what a fun weekend (and great photos!). So glad to see the boys have such a great time finding (and smashing, lol) Easter eggs… That’s so neat about the ones that hatch! Will have to look for those–I know someone who would LOVE to watch a dinosaur hatch 🙂 XOXO

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I can’t believe Bash found both baskets. I told Jake that if he was up before me and looked for his basket it would magically disappear. I told him the Easter bunny sets it up that way.

  3. I’m glad you had a good Easter weekend! I enjoyed Easter through my kiddo’s eyes a lot this year too, he really loved doing the basket hunt and egg hunt this year. So much fun!

  4. Family, Friends and fun make for a great Easter weekend! Im glad the puppy is ok! Loved all the photos!

  5. Sounds like you had a really busy and fun weekend! It must have been so nice to have the extra day off. How cool is the hatching dinosaur?? I would have loved that as a kid!

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