Thoughts for Thursday: Business Cards

Thoughts for Thursday: Business Cards

Happy Thursday! The weekend is nearly here.  Hooray!

Many, many years ago when I was actively involved in blogging and had a long-time community of bloggers, many of us would use Thursdays to post about a social issue or various topic that we had on our minds or wanted to know what others thought.  We coined these posts Thoughts for Thursday (TFT).  It has been many years since I have written a  TFT, but today seems like a good time to get back into, especially after hearing a discussion this morning on my radio morning show.  The cast of the show was talking about BUSINESS CARDS.  Their theory is that people like to inflate their title on the business card, to show an inflated sense of importance.  They also believe that most people never look at business cards again after receiving them or they throw them away.

I am a teacher.  Never in 18 years have I had a business card, and I don’t know of any teachers that do.  I have seen them from many people who work in district-level administrative positions, but never from a teacher.  We write weekly newsletters and send them home with the kids.  Parents know how to get ahold of us 😉

I also currently have a side-business as an Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide.  We are a health and wellness company if you haven’t heard of us. Many of my teammates have business cards, but even after a year now, I haven’t ordered any.  I probably should though! I’m sure it is much more professional when handing out samples. I better get on that, right? LOL

I have, however, had business cards for my restaurant review website,  Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.  Old news because I haven’t maintained the site in over four years now.  My business cards were bright and colorful and matched the logo from my site.  The only info they had was my website, name and email.  I would leave them on the table or with the check at every restaurant we visited.  I also passed them out to people frequently after telling them about my website or when people would start talking restaurants or food.  People were happy to take them and I think they must’ve used them too, website was very popular.

I rarely take or receive business cards from anyone.  I have a few from friends in my desk drawer, but I can’t think of any from strangers that I’ve kept.  I also do not actively use LinkedIn.

So here are my questions for you:

Do you have a business card? What type of job/business do you have? Who do you give them to? Do many people follow up with you down the road?

What do you do with the business cards people give you??

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  1. I have a stack of business card in my wallet and I use them quite frequently. I am an HR/Payroll manager and need them for career fairs and for meetings with brokers, potential employees, etc. I think it depends on your job. I think sales staff and being that provide a service probably use them a lot.

  2. I don’t have a business card for my current job, I had one for my old job, but not this one. I don’t know if I’d hand it out or not as I’m just an admin, but maybe I would. I do have business cards for my blog and it does help if I ever go to networking events and such. And PS I always loved your restaurant blog! You take the best food pictures!

  3. I have some for my blog – that was mostly for when I went to BEA, which is a blogger conference. I want to get new ones in the future, when I update my blog and get my own domain name. For my regular job though? No, I don’t have any. I’ve gotten some from others though and I keep a few.


  4. I dont have business cards but I do know many bloggers who do use them. I also know of quite a few moms who have mom cards that their kids give to other kids to set up things like playdates and such!

  5. I have a business card for my website. It just has my name, email, phone number and website on it (as well as the logo). I don’t use them all the time but have found them handy to have on occasion when someone asks for the web address 😊

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