Lunch at Ford’s Garage and Dinner on the Lanai (Florida Day 1)

Lunch at Ford’s Garage and Dinner on the Lanai (Florida Day 1)

Who’s ready to hear about our trip to Florida two months ago??!! LOL.  I made and posted this video of our trip  when we came home but I never posted any pictures and I haven’t written anything about it until now.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!  I apologize that this is a breakfast-to-bed type of post.  This is more for my benefit at this point 😉

We arrived into Fort Myers late on a Thursday night and spent a few hours relaxing and catching up with my parents.  The kids and I sure have missed them. They built a house in Bonita Springs and moved there in November 2015.  They live there 7 months of the year and come back to MN for the summer.  Grandma and Bretton (aka Dash) are dressed like twinsies!! lol

The first real day that we were there was spent shopping and eating 😉  None of us had sandals so we went to Beall’s and went on a mini-shopping spree.  We got a bunch of good stuff! Later we all went to the Miromar Outlets and had lunch at Ford’s Garage.

The boys loved the little pond that had a ton of turtles and koi

Ford Model-T at Ford's Garage in Estero Florida

This place is pretty cool!

A whole wall of beer taps!

Check out the sinks in the bathroom!! Have you ever seen anything like that?

Bathroom sinks made from tires at Ford's Garage in Estero Florida

Ford’s is known for their giant burgers. Yum. They brand their buns at Ford’s!

Burger at Ford's Garage

This green, tropical drink was fruity and delicious.  Very refreshing! I think it was probably called Antifreeze but I might have made that up! LOL

tropical green fruity cocktail

After lunch we ran to Winn Dixie to grab a few things. Bashy insisted on wearing his shades. LOL. He’s wearing his Darth Vader “You Don’t Wanna See My Dark Side” shirt.  No kidding.  This kid has a Temper!! We drove around for awhile until he fell asleep.  That’s how we roll 😉

child from the dark side, star wars kid, future darth vader

Later that day we hung out on the Lanai at my parents’ house.  It is so peaceful hanging on the lanai, enjoying happy hour.  I’m not a big drinker but while on vacation, why not?! The following day I saw an alligator swimming across this pond in their backyard!!

The kids can’t get enough of Grandma 😉 

We  had pizza for dinner, followed by a fire in the fancy fire-pit-table.  More snuggles with Grandma 😉

Ahhh, recounting our trip has me yearning to go back.  Thank goodness my folks come back to MN next week and will be staying for the summer! 

I have a few more days worth of Florida pictures to blog about and will be posting those soon 😉

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Ford’s Garage and Dinner on the Lanai (Florida Day 1)

  1. I love your parents!! Haven’t seen them in forever!! Your pictures turned out awesome. Did you bring your big camera or just your iphone? It looks like so much fun. Side note. My Niece brought all her pictures that you took to Easter and everyone commented on how great of a job you did. They turned out beautiful.

    1. I just used my iPhone, too much to bring the big camera around. Sadly, I hardly use it anymore. I’m glad you liked Jessie’s photos…. she is gorgeous! They did turn out pretty great 😉

  2. Looks like a lovely trip! I’m a bit scared about the Alligator though… We get crocodiles over here and they are lethal… I’m assuming alligators are the same there??

    1. Yes, alligators are deadly for sure!! Scares me as well. Especially with little kids (who would never be outside unsupervised!) Luckily he moved on. They see one in the pond maybe once a month

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