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Day: May 5, 2017

Weekly Highlights m5w1y17

Weekly Highlights m5w1y17

Reflecting on the happy moments in my life

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! The sun is shining and the forecast says 70′ again for at least two days in a row! Such a welcome change after a ton of rain here in MN lately 😉 It has been a fabulous week as I reflect on all the good stuff! I hope you had an excellent week as well!

Highlights from the week of April 28- May 4, 2017:

  1. The start of spring cleaning has begun at my house
  2. Big trip to Walmart for necessities
  3. Finishing Erin’s Book Challenge 6.0 – I was very late to the game and used books I’ve already read so far this year
  4. Reading new blogs through Erin’s Book Challenge and finding some good books to add to my list of books “To Be Read” 
  5. Meal planning and cooking at home- This saves us time, money and the usual dinner-time argument.
  6. Stuffed mushrooms- We bought huge portabella shrooms and stuffed them with leftover potato sausage, onions and a fancy gouda cheese.  OMG delicious!!!!
  7. Earning the Incentive for the Plexus Big Reveal by adding three new customers in one day!!!!!
  8. Making Club500 for the month of April.  Super hard to do and I did it!!!
  9. TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK- We have been given treats by our admin and coaches all week!!! So nice to be appreciated 😉
  10. Launching Kristi & Kim’s Photo Hunt Challenge May 2017– Join us if you like to take photos!
  11. Introducing The Plexus Experience 7-Day Challenge
  12. Dinner with my parents who are back in MN for the summer!
  13. Conversations with my 4yo who is super smart and curious about everything.  
  14. Coming up with a list of topics I want to blog about.  Would anyone read my blog if I started to post twice a day?! Time is the issue.
  15. Thirteen Reasons Why.  I finished the book last week and immediately started watching the series.  They took the general story of the book and embellished quite a bit.
  16. Happy hour at El Pariente with my dear old friend Jen- yummy margaritas and authentic tacos
  17. Meeting another mom in my neighborhood who also has two boys 4 and under
  18. Beautiful weather to end the week!
  19. Continued excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Plexus Big Reveal this weekend- We’ve been promised something historic!!!
  20. Junior Achievement Day at school and seeing Jess, a friend of mine from HS and college
  21. Plans for a big family get-together this weekend.  Yay!!!!!