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Day: May 9, 2017

First Boat Ride of the Season

First Boat Ride of the Season

Our family party on Saturday was fun and Sunday was another beautiful day here in MN! My Aunt Connie and cousin Tyler were still and town, so my parents invited us all up to the lake for lunch. Gram & Gramp + cousins Genevieve and Segen were also in attendance.  

We had a sandwich bar and chips.  My Dad makes a great Dante’s Inferno. Yum.  Hot, melty sandwiches are the best 😉

This was a serious talk.  Gramps asked Gen to write his obituary and spent an hour telling her the highlights of his life.  91+ years is a lot of history.

Aunt Con and me

Bash & Dash headed to the boat

A Lake selfie 😉

The water level is up as high as we’ve seen it in several years!

It was so nice to spend time with a few of my cousins and Aunt Con.  I am long overdue for a trip to AZ to see them!