A Quick Check-In…

A Quick Check-In…

You ever have any of those weeks that are so busy they have you head spinning and time passes by in a blur? Welcome to my life.  LOL. I take too much on, work too hard, and don’t relax often enough.   I can never keep up with all the chores and my house is a disaster zone pretty much all the time.  Between Dash, Bash and the dog, everything I do is quickly undone.  I often throw in the towel and don’t think twice about it.  I put my blinders on, a coping strategy I’ve come up with to avoid going bat-shit crazy.  Raising these boys is the hardest thing I’ve ever taken on and most of the time I’m probably not doing the best job.

 As much as I love blogging, I find it nearly impossible to keep up with my own life let alone blog about it.  I am forever thankful for this outlet and it being here when I need it 😉

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope everyone is well!

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