Celebrating Bretton’s 4th Birthday

Celebrating Bretton’s 4th Birthday

My son had been anticipating his birthday for at least two months before it actually happened. LOL.  We celebrated with his Obachan and G-pa at their place, pizza followed by cake and ice cream.  He got a few great book sets that come with little action figures.  He didn’t have a chance to blow out his birthday candles because his little brother beat him to it!

boy blowing out his birthday candles

boy blowing out his birthday candles

The following day, 4-21, was his actual birthday.  I took the day off because we had an appt for his early childhood screening.  The screening didn’t go so well but that isn’t the focus of this post.  When we got home we hung out for awhile reading books, opened up presents (he got the entire playset from Kong: Skull Island)  and then we took him to lunch at Tokyo Sushi.  This is one of our favorites places and my two kids together can eat for just $4.  Can’t beat that! They brought B his own little birthday treat

Later that afternoon after the kids had taken their naps, we headed out to the Mall of America.  We had some visitors from out-of-town staying at the Marriot that is attached to the Mall, so we met up with them and hung out for a bit before walking all over the mall.  The kids love these coin-operated “rides”

Then we went to the Sea Life Adventures aquarium (formerly known as Underwater Adventures).  The sharks and the Jelly fish were both a huge hit!


This aquarium featured a tunnel that led to a bubble within.  The kids could go through the tunnel and pop up inside the tank.  They loved that!!

Bashy is checking out the stingrays

After the aquarium we went to Nickelodeon World and took the boys on some rides.  I went on all of them with them so I didn’t get any pictures.  We had a great time!  Late that night after the Mall officially closed, we made our way to Cowboy Jack’s to meet our friends for late-night happy hour/dinner.  Only a few restaurants and bars at the MOA are still open after 9pm but we lucked out with half-priced appetizers!

We called it a night and the boys fell fast asleep on the car ride home.  What a fun day! I hope Bretton remembers it 🙂


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