Color Me Happy?

Color Me Happy?

How many ladies out there love to get a fresh cut and color?? I know I do. It only happens 2-3x/year so it better be pretty special. LOL.

I’ve always had long hair and I am open to many different coloring options. I’ve had many many colors over the years. My recent obsession…. balayange. I found these pics to take to my stylist as an idea of what i wanted…..

She went darker on top and lighter on the bottom, with a few red foils underneath. She told me she’d give me WOW Factor. Unfottunately the color just doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t look like the photos above 🙁

I feel bad because she is a friend of mine but I might need to go elsewhere to really get what I want. Is that terrible? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Color Me Happy?

  1. I understand the disappointment! Especially when you think of what you pay to get good color. But I also understand when it’s a friend too. Could you talk to her and let her know you wanted it to stand out more?

  2. I wish I was bold enough to die my hair! The only thing I’ve done is put henna in it which adds a nice tint of red.

  3. It can be difficult to talk to a friend. I think you should be able to tell her you want it to stand out more, or just go to someone new. It’s your hair, your money.

    I think it looks nice though!

  4. I understand that you are disappointed. I think you should try to talk to your friend and tell her that you wanted the color to stand out more.

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