May Lately

May Lately

Lately I’ve been:


We’ve been eating a lot of fish and rice lately.  Mostly salmon or tilapia.  I have found really good fresh (never frozen) fish at Walmart.  Super easy to season it a little, wrap it in foil and cook on top rack of our grill.  This keeps the heat and fish smell outside 😉 With the salmon I make a dipping/topping sauce with soy, green onion, fresh garlic and ginger.


I’m slowly trying to weed carbs out.  Just making better choices overall.  I still love and crave spicy things 😉


The NEW and Improved Plexus Slim.  This stuff tastes so good! I feel better than ever and look forward to the lbs melting off me

New and improved plexus slim aka pink drink


The Shoemaker’s Wife.  It’s a really long book and it is taking me a long time to read because I can currently only access it on my laptop.  Very good so far and I need to see it through until the end! I’m currently 62% finished.


I finished Thirteen Reasons Why last week.  Whoa.  See my comparison of book vs series.  This week I’ve been watching the first half of the final season of Pretty Little Liars. I typically watch this show one season at a time, every summer.  It’s entertaining in small doses.

Listening to:

Lionel Richie’s oldtime hits.  I got tickets for Mother’s Day to see him this June.  Looking forward to it!! I also just started listening to my first Podcast…. S-Town.  I’ve heard it’s really good and seems interesting so far.  I will be listening on my way to/from work.


  • Excited and a little Guilty about an upcoming trip
  • Very mad about politics and an injustice at work
  • Hot because our furnace/AC has gone out

4 thoughts on “May Lately

  1. Are you feeling excited but guilty because the kiddos aren’t going on the trip with you? If so, I can totally understand that! I hope it’s fun no matter what though!

    1. TOTALLY!!! I’m going to VEGAS with my BFF and my Plexus team for Convention. Leaving the boys home with Dad for 4 days. Gulp. He might hate me by the time I get home. I don’t even care!!!! This will be the first trip I’ve ever taken with Bradie and we’ve been together for 37 years! We even roomed in college freshman year but have never done a trip.

  2. Don’t feel guilty! It sounds like a great opportunity and a lot of fun – and moms need some downtime!!

    It sounds like things are MOSTLY going well, which is great. 🙂 Sorry about the Furnace/AC going out. I would go crazy without the AC on these really hot days.

  3. I love PLL too!! I haven’t watched it in ages though and really must catch up (I’m so bad at keeping up with TV shows, I still haven’t finished watching gossip girl… LOL!)

    I’ve been cooking Salmon too… it never used to be one of my favourites, but I’ve got this recipe where it’s paired with a pea puree and side salad (I don’t like peas either, so it’s a funny combo) but together, tastes delicious!

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