Weekly Highlights m5w3y17

Weekly Highlights m5w3y17

Happy Friday! Its been a great week and I am on a high right now

Highlights from the week of May 12-May 18, 2017:

  1. Mother’s Day celebration
  2. Hanging baskets of flowers
  3. Bretton learning to cast his first fishing rod
  4. Listening to S-Town, my first Podcast
  5. Gyro’s and Falafel at Dinos
  6. Booking my flight to Vegas for upcoming Plexus Convention!!!
  7. Personal time approved at work (for my trip!)
  8. First overnight at my parents MN house in 8 months
  9. Pretty Little Liars Season 7
  10. The Shoemaker’s Wife
  11. The Plexus Experience – 7 Day Challenge
  12. Extra energy and appetite control with the NEW pink drink. YUMMY!
  13. Starting over with the piano project at school (post on that to come)
  14. Keeping it real with my girl Noemy

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