Weekly Highlights m5w4y17

Weekly Highlights m5w4y17

Reflecting on the happy moments in my life

Highlights from the week of May 19-25, 2017:

  1. BBQ party at Dan & Ronda’s
  2. Olivia & Miles’ Birthday party
  3. Running into my cousin PJ
  4. Making great progress on the piano project at school
  5. Our AMAZING band & orchestra concert at school
  6. A wonderful first Plexus Experience
  7. Having two new Ambassadors join my team
  8. Chicken wings & burgers at D-Spot
  9. Hilarious moments trying to record a video mtng 
  10. Last cohort class withDr Westberg of UST

6 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights m5w4y17

  1. Hey babe,
    How was your Memorial Day weekend? And did I see you post you’re off to Vegas today?!? If so, ENJOY!! Win me some money please. Lol!

    Omg I could SMELL BBQ over the weekend on some of my dog walks andbit had me salivating. Sounds delish!

    Have a great week sweets! xoxo

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