More Fun in Vegas at Plexus Convention!

More Fun in Vegas at Plexus Convention!

It already feels like it was ages ago that I was in Vegas with my bestie Bradie and some other ladies from our local Drink Pink Plexus team. Recap of Day 1 here

Wednesday was a full day of general session for Ambassadors.  We learned more aboutVitalBiome, the new probiotic that was launched the previous day, as well as learned we have improved our already-the-best-in-the-world multivitamin, XFactor Plus.  Clinically proven to reduce HOT FLASHES!! I will have to blog more about these products specifically but here is an overview:

The announcement that I was MOST EXCITED about??? Plexus will be launching a new state-of-the-art website very soon!!!! I have said for quite some time now that their website is the biggest downfall.  We got a sneak peek at the new platform and it is so slick and easy to use!! A HUGE improvement.  I cannot wait until it launches!! Unfortunately we did not get a definitive date. Nonetheless, I am super excited.

Can you imagine the energy from a crowd of 12,000 Ambassadors? It was incredible!

There were several great speakers throughout the Convention and our MC, Victor Antonio, was great. I wish I would have live-blogged the announcements 🙁

Recognition of our top Ambassadors.  Ranks go: Ambassador<Senior Ambassador< Silver <Gold < Sr Gold < Ruby < Sr Ruby < Emerald < Sapphire < Diamond. (I am Silver, working toward Gold). Once you reach Emerald, Plexus buys you a Lexus and sends you to Hawaii.  Not to mention profit-sharing.

Next comes Sapphire

Then the Diamonds!!! These Ambassadors make SERIOUS MONEY.  Once you hit Diamond Plexus allows you to re-enter under yourself.  Huge earning potential.  Plexus currently has 

Playing with some props….. we LOVE our Pink Drink!!

We are Diamond Ambassador Wannabes.  It might take us a few more years but we are determined!
We also had to check out the Plexus store.  They had a ton of cool stuff but all I got was a Tshirt

Later that night, our team got together for Happy Hour.  The cute blond who is front-and-center is Emily Finnell, our Diamond upline.  Emily is Jessica’s sponsor, who is Bradie’s sponsor, who is my sponsor.  All of Emily’s upline are Diamonds as well.  We have a very successful team. 

After Happy Hour, Jessica hired a limo to take all 16 of us to dinner at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio. Very fancy dinner and Jessica took care of everything for us!!! Wow, so incredibly generous! Thank you, Jessica!! What a treat!

Outside Bellagio

After dinner and drinks at the club inside Bellagio, we went to old Vegas to see the Fremont Street Experience. Sooooo cool!!!

I had a lot of fun that night!

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  1. LOL I’m kind of laughing at the “all I got was a t-shirt”! It looks like you had such a great time! I haven’t been to Vegas before. Some friends just went and now I want to go.

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