Gramps is Feeling Good!

Gramps is Feeling Good!

When you see me post about Plexus, do you have a preconceived idea of who uses the products?! Stop it right now! Here I am with This past weekend with my Gramps, who will be 92 this fall.

In the past five years he has suffered several strokes, survived bladder cancer, has had surgery to fix his teeth, and his sight is so bad from cataracts, etc that he is nearly blind. Despite all of this, he was telling me yesterday that he is feeling really good lately and is loving his Plexus Probio5 and vanilla p96 protein shakes that he drinks everyday. He doesn’t have much of an appetite and weighs maybe 110 lbs. these days; he looks like a walking skeleton. My gram said that his protein shakes mixed with berries and ice cream is pretty much the only thing he will consume anymore. I know he’s had his challenges and that being so incredibly old has to be tough, but I’m glad that Plexus is making him feel better 😉 Love you, Gramps!

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