Vegas with my Bestie for the Plexus ‘Believe’ Convention

Vegas with my Bestie for the Plexus ‘Believe’ Convention

Once again I’ve become too busy and preoccupied with other things to give a timely update on what I’ve been up to.  One thing that I most definitely need to blog about before time slips away from me again, is my trip to Vegas a couple fo weeks ago for the 2017 Plexus Believe Convention. WOW!!!! First of all, I had never left my boys for more than a night and didn’t think it would be possible to leave them for three full days.  They’re a handful and I didn’t want to add that responsibility onto their dad’s plate but he gave me the go-ahead to go. My plane ticket was booked just two weeks before I left.

I was so excited about this trip because I had never been to a big corporate convention like this before, and even more excited because after 37 years of friendship and sharing a dorm room together in college, my BFF Bradie and I had never been on a trip together.  Not even a weekend away anywhere.  Weird, right??!! LOL

We left early Tuesday morning and met several of our sideline teammates at the airport.  These are girls from our bigger local team (Drink Pink: Jess Radke Team)

The convention was at MGM so we went straight there from the airport.  Bradie and I checked into our room at 10am Vegas time and were told they would expedite our room and send us a text when our room was ready.  We left our luggage with the bellhop and then went to check in for Convention and got our Plexus backpacks full of goodies. Sweet!  I was very impressed at how full-out Plexus went with promoting and representing our brand throughout MGM.  I’m sure this is common for corporate conventions, but this was a first for me.

At this point it was lunchtime and we were starving!! We met Alia and Amy at Hecho en Vegas Mexican restaurant.  We shared nachos and mini chimichangas and I went all-out and had a margarita too

Bradie and I ended up waiting all afternoon for our room and it still was not ready before we had our first General Session that afternoon.  We had the bellhop bring our bags to a friend’s room so that we could have our stuff ready to go when our room became available.  We had two big parties to get ready for that night! Bradie won her place at both the Club 500 Reception and also Winner’s Dinner.  These were prizes that were given to Ambassadors who achieved certain requirements.  I personally wasn’t even close but Bradie worked her tail off to make it happen and she brought me as her date!

Here is Bradie with Tarl Robinson, CEO of Plexus Worldwide.  It was an honor to be in the presence of greatness!

The appetizers and free wine at the Club 500 reception was great.  We met a few other Ambassadors and were joined by our Drink Pink teammate Carie, who also won the honor.  The Winner’s Dinner immediately followed the Club 500 Reception so we walked over to the Grand Ballroom for the big event.  The food was standard banquet grub but the wine was flowing all night.  I actually didn’t drink much but still had a great time.

 All of the Plexus Jewels were there, dressed to the nines.  I don’t know when I’ve ever been in a room with so many beautiful women.  Seriously!! After dinner the band came out and played while everyone danced and had a great time. One of the singers hired for the night was the lead singer of Kool and the Gang.  He did a bunch of their stuff and the other performers for the night did other great covers.  It was so much fun!

Four of our teammates from the Drink Pink team made Winner’s Dinner (Jessica, Bradie, Carie and Kristi) and each was able to bring a date (Lynne, Meg, me and Julie).  This photo had to be converted to B&W because the bright neon Plexus sign did not allow for nice lighting.  It sure looked cool in person though! lol

That wraps up Day 1!!

I have so much more to talk about but this post is getting quite long.  Will be posting about Day 2 & 3 soon!!

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  1. How fun. I can’t believe you and Bradie haven’t ever been on a trip together. WOW!! Kudos to E for watching those little nuggets. I know they are a handful and you needed a break!! love you

  2. Trying to think straight after seeing that margarita and the chimichangas. I love stuff like this. We should have a Peaceful Posse convention in Vegas, don’t you think?

  3. That is friggen amazing!
    And that was Day 1?
    I won’t lie, my introverted self would have been under the table rocking with that plate of food. Kidding. I would have been with a bottle of wine. How gorgeous are you?

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