Weekly Highlights m5w5y17

Weekly Highlights m5w5y17

What an AMAZING week!!! I am just home from the Plexus Convention in Vegas and had an incredible time!!! I have so much to blog about but for now I am going to list the highlights of the past week. 

Highlights from the week of May 26-June 1, 2017:

  1. A last-minute overnight at my parents’ house
  2. A visit with Obachan (my MIL; the boys call her “Bachan”- which means Grandmother in Japanese)
  3. Cleaning house and getting ready to leave
  4. A full fridge
  5. New clothes from Kohl’s
  6. My Dad’s famous Smoked ribs and family dinner up at the Lake
  7. A smooth flight to Vegas and being able to sit with my BFF Bradie
  8. Lunch at “Hecho en Mexico” Mexican restaurant with Bradie, Amy and Alia
  9. Opening session at Convention- Announcement of new product, VitalBiome. WOW!!! 
  10. Being Bradie’s date for the Club 500 Reception- Delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine
  11. Being Bradie’s date for Winner’s Dinner.  Plexus Jewels and gorgeous, dressy people everywhere
  12. Dancing to Live music including Kool and the Gang!
  13. Victor Antonio as a MC of Convention
  14. The announcement of another new amazing product- XFactor Plus.
  15. NEWS that Plexus is getting a NEW WEBSITE this summer!!!! I am soooooo excited about this!!!!
  16. Lunch at Nathan’s hot dogs
  17. Checking out the Plexus store
  18. Happy Hour with Drink Pink team (and Emily Finnell!) at MGM Signature Suites
  19. Drink Pink team dinner at Todd English’s Olives at Bellagio (Thanks to Jess Radke for covering this huge bill for our team!!!)
  20. Traveling around Vegas by Limo
  21. Late-night Fremont Street Experience
  22. Getting home and seeing my family after a really great trip

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