Weekly Highlights m6w3y17

Weekly Highlights m6w3y17

Reflecting on the happy moments in my life

This was one of those weeks that had a few wrenches thrown in, so reflecting on the good things has been especially important 😉

Highlights from the week of June 9-June 15, 2017:

  1. Our AC finally seems to be working after a lot of money and time (never mind the mass amounts of water that come leaking out on very hot humid days)
  2. Dinner and drinks at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque in Stillwater (AMAZING!!!)
  3. Getting New (to us!) couches and chairs from my parents
  4. We got a new puppy!!!! Post on this to come asap! Her name is Tippy Toes and she is adorable and the sweetest little girl.  It was love at first sight, unlike with our other doggy, Lennox.
  5. Having three days off this week between regular school year and summer school.
  6. Sleeping in for three days straight!!!
  7. Finishing the podcast, S-Town
  8. Starting The Blacklist on Netflix
  9. Driving the Escalade while the Tahoe has been in the shop
  10. Hanging out at home with my boys, going to the park, playing with puppy, etc
  11. Starting and finishing A Long Way Home: A Memoir by Saroo Brierly
  12. Pizza party with pizzas from Pizzeria Pezzo (say that fast 4 times. LOL)

5 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights m6w3y17

  1. HI KRISTI!!!

    I’m so sorry I’ve been terrible at making my bloggy rounds lately. I’ve missed you! Glad to be back here today, and OMG! NEW PUPPY!!! I want to see photos/hear everything! That’s so exciting!! Hope you are enjoying this fun bonding time together. They are so stinkin’ adorable, aren’t they?

    Glad to hear your AC is up and running again; it has been unbelievably hot lately. Now is not the time to be without!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. I got to drive a Mini Cooper for a few days when my Pontiac was in the shop a while back. I know that Gabi, my Pontiac, would understand! Congrats on the pup – look forward to reading about her!

  3. Ooh pizza party! How fun. I’m glad the AC is working well. I’m so thankful for that. It’s been really hot outside this week. Whew.

    aw, yay for the new puppy!

  4. You got a puppy?!?! Pooh! I can’t wait til you share more about her. I just LOVE the name. I bet you’re having so much fun with her. 🙂
    Sleeping in sounds AMAZING! Winning in my books!

    So glad you’re AC is up and running again. Finally, especially all that time, frustration, sweat and MONEY!

    Have a fabulous week Hun! 🙂

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