Weekly Highlights m6w4y17

Weekly Highlights m6w4y17

Reflecting on the happy moments in my life

It’s been a pretty good week!

Here are the highlights from June 16-22, 2017:

  1. A nice phone conversation with my 91yo Gramps
  2. Lunch at Tokyo sushi
  3. Father’s Day up at the lake with my family
  4. Smoked beef brisket- my dad is a master at smoking meats 😉
  5. Plexus Summer promotion- 10% off Welcome Packs!!
  6. The dogs are getting along great and leaving the kids and their toys alone (for the most part!)
  7. My sweet furbaby girl, Tippy Toes (pictures coming soon, I promise!!)
  8. Cool nights
  9. Fish tacos made with salmon. YUM! Why haven’t I ever thought of this before?
  10. Boat cruise at sunset
  11. A wonderful first week at summer school- great kids and great teammates
  12. My Plexus paycheck
  13. Starting Hillbilly Elegy 
  14. Snuggles with my boys

3 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights m6w4y17

  1. A boat cruise at sunset sounds lovely… as does sushi. SO yums. And tacos. All the tacos. I just had them last night. I can’t ever get enough 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

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